The Shocking Truth About LGD-4033 (Ligandrol)

LGD-4033 is a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) that usually goes by the names Anabolicum and Ligandrol.

It’s mostly known for its muscle mass increasing properties that actually don’t come with the common steroidal side effects. This is part of what makes it so popular with bodybuilders and athletes.

LGD-4033 Bodybuilding
Anabolicum acts much like an anabolic steroid-based substance in that it has the ability to rapidly increase the build-up of muscle mass while reducing overall body fat.

The pharmaceutical industry refers to LGD-4033 as a SARM or “selective androgen receptor modulator.”

Although initially created by Ligand Pharmaceuticals, the development of LGD-4033 can be attributed to Viking Therapeutics, which is another company altogether.

LGD-4033 connects itself to selective androgenic receptors found in bone and muscle tissues, which allows it to avoid contact with the tissues of the body’s major organs such as the heart, colon, prostate and sebaceous glands.

As a result, this SARM doesn’t come with any of the adverse side effects often associated with steroids which tend to meddle with these major organs through the tissues.

The video below will show you what LGD-4033 is and what to expect in just 1 minute:

What To Expect After Using Ligandrol?

Taking LGD 4033 is very similar to cycling with Test-E for the first time, and this makes it perfect for body recomp.

It’s also the closest thing you’ll get to testosterone without suffering the horrendous side effects.

It’s worth noting here that taking Ligandrol while on a calorie surplus diet and a D-bol cycle may lead to slight water retention, but it’s nothing you can’t live through. Plus, the effects are quick to subside.

During the first clinical trial of LGD-4033, participants were given a daily Ligandrol dosage of 1.0mg per day for 21 days, and this led to lean muscle mass gains of 2.66 by the end of the trial period.

LGD-4033 Results

Now imagine the kind of results you could get if you were to take a daily dosage of 10mg for 6 weeks

  • Strength: LGD-4033 is great for breaking through a plateau. According to a majority of users, this SARM can increase cardiovascular strength and lifting strength in just three weeks.
  • Fat Loss: LGD-4033 helps to naturally build muscle mass by combating muscle breakdown instead of gunning for the usage of stored fat cells. Because muscle tissue is harder to maintain than fat, it makes sense for the body to start burning fat in order to continue functioning.
  • Pumps: You’re most likely to maintain harder, fuller and venous muscles for longer when you cycle with LGD-4033. These results are similar to what you might experience if you were to cycle with Dianabol or Anavar, both of which are well-known, powerful SARMs.
  • Recovery: With the use of this Selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) you will recover much faster after workouts.
  • Great Feeling: One of the great benefits of LGD-4033 is that it gives you tons of energy and excitement throughout the day. You won’t have to go through the ups and downs associated with other drugs, but you will consistently feel positive all day.

My Personal Experience With LGD-4033

I’ve used this SARM multiple times with great results. Even at low dosages of only 5mg a day, it was very effective.

My cycles would usually last around 6 to 8 weeks and I would always end up gaining anywhere from 6 to 8 lbs of lean muscle mass.

I would also like to add that my strength shot up after just a few weeks. The weight kept increasing every single workout. I was able to keep most of my gains.

No side effects at all except for some hormone suppression. I used a natural PCT product called Rebirth PCT to help me recover from the cycles.

It’s extremely important to buy an effective Post Cycle Therapy since it will help you with maintaining gains once the cycle is over.

LGD-4033 (ligandrol)

Keep in mind that it’s very important to buy this SARM from a reputable vendor. You want to make sure that the product has been tested by a third-party.

For my cycles, I only use Sarms4You since they are the most reliable vendor out there. I’ve used them for all my SARMs cycles and have had amazing results thusfar. 

They will always be my to-go supplier for these compounds.

LGD-4033 Dosage

The half-life of LGD-4033 is about 30 hours. So it’s safe to take it once per day at dosages of 10mg to 22mg and still get the best results from it.

This compound is often used in a SARMs Stack. You will see that it is combined with GW-50156 and MK-2866 to maximize your results. To get the most out of LGD-4033, cycle it for 8 weeks

Make sure to take plenty of time off to help keep your testosterone levels well balanced.

If you want my advice, I would go with a Ligandrol dosage of 5 to 10mg a day. The cycle length should be anywhere from 6 to 10 weeks. This is what most users seem to go with.

Of course, this should be followed by a proper post cycle therapy protocol.

Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)

While LGD-4033 can lead to  testosterone suppression, it won’t cause any aromatization.

To help deal with its effects on testosterone levels, some users recommend cycling with a  PCT like Nolvadex or Clomid for 4 weeks just to boost hormone production.

In my opinion, harsh PCT compounds such as Clomid or Nolvadex are not needed. If you’re doing a simple cycle with this SARM, use Rebirth PCT instead.

Other users choose to offset this problem with testosterone boosters or by waiting for the natural hormone production to kick in which happens spontaneously when you stop taking the SARM.

Either way, you have to make sure that you properly recover from the cycle. If not, you might end up losing most of the gains you made.

  • Best PCT After LGD-4033
  • 10 High Quality Ingredients
  • Supercharge Testosterone
  • Reduce Estrogen Levels
  • Help Maintain Muscle Mass
  • Enhance & Optimize Libido

I personally would recommend a product called Rebirth PCT. It’s by far the best post cycle therapy product on the market. It contains Arimistane and many other ingredients that actually boost your testosterone levels. 

After a cycle of SARMs, you will probably get a mild suppression however, you better be safe than sorry. 

Using LGD-4033 for Bodybuilding

The scientific data that we have available on LGD-4033 actually mirrors much of the anecdotal evidence that we’ve seen.

The only reliable clinical trial that was done with a group of healthy male participants showed the same results we’d expect from consuming Ligandrol for bodybuilding purposes.

LGD-4033 Results

Disclaimer: It’s crucial to point out here that the following information is based only on personal individual experiences. We have no guarantee as to what other SARMs may have been involved or how accurate the data is.

Also, keep in mind that this data is based on the experiences of online users who bought LGD-4033 from different suppliers who probably offered the product in varying levels of quality.

The Cutting Phase

The whole point of going through a cutting phase is to build lean muscle mass. This involves stripping fat as much as possible, which you can do by burning more calories than you consume.

However, you must also protect your muscles from wastage and the breakdown of muscle tissues.

This can sometimes happen when the body starts eating away at lean muscle mass in order to survive. You obviously don’t want this because it will be a waste of all your efforts. Thankfully, there are measures you can take to avoid this.

LGD-4033 is a great way to prevent this from happening as it naturally works to protect your body against the destruction of muscle mass.

Because this SARM actually binds itself to muscle tissue, it’s able to create a more muscular physique that looks cleaner and more defined.

Another way for you to protect your muscle mass is by taking LGD-4033 in conjunction with a high protein diet to help maintain a high metabolism.

You’ll burn even more fat if you add in a good amount of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) routine to the mix.

The Bulking Phase

While this claim is mostly supported by anecdotal evidence, some users say that LGD-4033 has the ability to strip away unwanted fat.

While we can’t vouch for the accuracy of this statement, we can say that this SARM does increase lifting endurance which naturally facilitates increased fat burning.

Just keep in mind that the results are highly dependent on lifting duration. Make sure to lift heavy and intensive, but keep good form.

Anecdotal experiences tell us that Andarine or Testolone combined with Ligandrol will increase muscle mass rapidly.

LGD-4033 Ligandrol Bodybuilding

LGD-4033 Side Effects

Current research data on LGD-4033 tells us that the SARM has no associated side-effects. This is possible mainly because Ligandrol doesn’t have an estrogenic nature.

As such consuming it won’t cause any of the health issues that are common with SARMs, like hair loss, acne, bloating, liver toxicity, water retention, high blood pressure, prostate problems, and cardiovascular disease.

However, it does have a mild prostate suppression effect but this only happens when you take it in abnormally high doses. Otherwise, your testosterone levels should remain normal throughout.

Even if your testosterone levels go out of whack, they’ll spontaneously return to normal 3 weeks after you stop taking the SARM.

Make sure to check out the following video by Ryan Russo. He will give some more information about this SARM and what to expect.

How Long Does It Stay in Your System?

LGD-4033 has a half-life of 24 to 36 hours which is rather long by any standards.

What does this mean?

For one, it means that half of the SARM will stay in your system after 24 hours of intake.

If you go an additional 2 days without taking it, ¼ of it will remain in the system, and within 3 days 1/8 will remain and so on until it’s completely untraceable.

A study involving one healthy male subject who took 10mg of the SARM for 21 days showed that LGD-4033 can be detected in urine for up to 7 days if you use the right instruments to search for it.

Meanwhile, its metabolites can remain visible for up to 21 days or even longer if higher dosages of the SARM are taken consistently over a longer period of time

How to Buy LGD-4033 (Ligandrol)

LGD-4033 is legal to sell and it hasn’t been banned from public consumption either.

However, it’s banned for athletes who practice professional or collegiate sports that have banned the use of performance-enhancing drugs.

If you’re going to try Ligandrol, be smart and buy it from a reliable online seller. Not only is it more affordable than other SARMs in its category, but in some cases, it’s even more effective.

I have had great results with the products from Sarms4You.

They are by far the best SARMs supplier on the market right now. If you’re looking to buy SARMs I highly suggest checking them out.

The best part is that a single supply of Ligandrol can last you for a long time because the recommended daily dose is just 5g and 10 mg.

Another great thing about LGD-4033 is that it comes in capsules that you take orally, which means you won’t have to deal with painful injections or needles.


The industry is awash with products and new SARMs are introduced to the market all the time.

This can make it difficult to select an option for your needs because there’s so much variety to choose from.

Ligandrol makes deciding easier because it offers quick and superior results without the side effects that you’d expect from a SARM.

It’s a great option for anyone that’s seeking superb results while steering clear of steroids.

But, there’s a lot of fake products around on the market. Make sure to only purchase from a reliable vendor such as Sarms4You

Don’t forget, a proper PCT is very important when using these compounds. We suggest using Rebirth PCT since it is available over the counter and contains a solid formula.

LGD-4033 Review

Product Name: LGD4033

Product Description: Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARM)

Price: 54.99

Currency: USD

Availability: OnlineOnly

  • Strength
  • Increase Muscle Mass
  • Endurance
  • Recovery
  • Preserve Mass
  • Overall Performance


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